RFID Applications

Synertech enables the effortless management of assets using RFID technology in the following areas: 

  • Inventory Management – know what you have and where it is in real time and optimize your stock levels.
  • Asset Tracking – account for all assets as well as movement of the asset effortlessly.
  • Automated Maintenance Records – link maintenance significant items with RFID to a maintenance management system.
  • Movable Asset Components and Maintenance History Tracking – any high maintenance Assets such as Aircraft, Trucks and Generators can be maintained easily.
  • Firearm and Weapon Control – proper accounting of firearm issuing and receiving and thereby complying with the many laws governing this sector.
  • Tool Control – no lost tools, managing calibrations, managing repair intervals.
  • Document Management – track documents, manage updates, authenticate and locate documents.
  • Safety Equipment Regulating – manage equipment to cover all applicable legislation. Servicing, repair and maintenance is expedited with visibility across the business. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment Control and Audit – Servicing times, checking for completeness of equipment.
  • Hazmat Management – prevent hazardous materials being stored at prohibited areas.
  • Weighbridge Automation – real time monitoring and management of your cargo and raw materials going over weighbridges. Material management and quality control can be an added benefit.
  • Control of Pharmaceuticals – manage expiry dates, scheduled medicine controls and registers, automated replenishments. Stock level control made easy.
  • SmartShelf Technology – tracking and storage of high valued items. This includes location services for easy retrieval of your tracked items.
  • Temperature Sensitive Item Management – RFID enabled temperature sensors providing real time information as used in FMCG and Cold Chain environments
  • Ground Support Equipment Control and Field Service – maintenance scheduling and real time monitoring, modification tracking and software version management.

RFID Utilisation RFID Process

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  • Aircraft Components and Maintenance History Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Control of Pharmaceuticals
  • Inventory Management
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