RFID Infrastructure Delivery

Synertech has established and maintains a comprehensive capability focused on the design, build, implementation and maintenance of RFID-enabled infrastructure that guarantees the cost-effective delivery of a wide range of performance-enhancing business applications and management information systems.

It is internationally acknowledged that the installation and establishment of an RFID-enabled infrastructure in physical locations such as office blocks, warehouses, stockyards, factories, processing plants and other commercial and industrial facilities provides a foundation for organisations to cost-effectively implement a wide range of highly efficient and productive business solutions.

For example, infrastructure deployed to support an RFID-based asset tracking and management system in a corporate office park can be used as a foundation to manage operating expenditures associated with lease or rental agreements for items such as office automation equipment and high-value IT consumables etc.

The same system used to track and manage high-value assets can also be used to track and manage consignment stock. Although different systems may require a mix of active and passive technologies, with careful planning there is every possibility that a RFID infrastructure can accommodate a wide range of applications focused on business-critical data and information that can be shared and also integrated into the organisation’s ERP system and other mainstream business applications.

Clients that select Synertech’s approach to RFID and regard an RFID-enabled infrastructure as a platform on which they can implement several benefit-driven applications, will realise significant cost reductions in the medium to long term. They will also greatly enhance their ability quickly and easily commission new projects that deliver an ever-increasing return on investment at a constantly reducing cost of ownership.


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