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RFID in the Lab

Synertech RFID News| Jul 14, 2021

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with GA-International to bring our clients the latest offering in Deep-Freeze and Cryogenic tagging solutions.

Synertech now offers various LabTAG identification solutions, including deep-freeze radio-frequency identification (RFID) labels, labels for identifying PCR tubes, strips, and plates, as well as durable and high-quality barcode labeling solutions.

For over 20 years GA-International have been serving the life science industries and related fields with application-specific identification solutions. With a powerhouse of scientific and industry experts, they have successfully developed, produced, and delivered a range of unique and patented products globally. Their strength resides in providing durable and application-specific labels for sample storage, specimen tracking, product packaging, and much more.


From Chaos to Control

Synertech RFID News| Jun 14, 2021

Creating visibility and traceability in the Medical Waste Management Industry.

Due to its nature and the severe consequences leading from lack of control, the Medical Waste Industry is highly regulated and calls for accurate data on process conformance.  Businesses need to be able to show the trail up until destruction of the material in near real time and keep historical documented proof.

Synertech’s RFID based Medical Waste Management Solution allows clients to achieve real time traceability of medical and bio-medical waste products through their life cycle from collection to destruction. This is achieved through the augmentation of sound engineering controls t in the implementation of AIDC (Automated Identification and Data Capture). By tagging the waste container with RFID labels, providing each container with its own unique identifier, complete cradle to grave traceability becomes reality. The use of this technology helps to ensure compliance with local legislation as well as the standards set out by ISO 14001 with specific regard to the management of the storage, labelling, transportation, and records keeping of medical waste material and ensures accountability whilst reducing dependence on paper-based systems.

Joining Forces with ESS Lightning Avoidance

Synertech RFID News| Nov 4, 2020

Synertech has joined forces wirth ESS in order to bring our clients the latest in Lightning Avoidance technology. The Passive Collector System of electrostatic currents on time, that takes them to the ground, The operating principle is based on balancing or compensating the variable electric field on it’s surroundings, avoiding the creation of an upward leader on the equipment and on to the protected structure.

Partnering with TTE-Europe

Synertech RFID News| Nov 4, 2020

Synertech has partnered with TTE Europe to bring our clients the latest in explosives management technology. The enhanced technology that the explosives management system provides enables the optimization of business processes, documentation and warehouse management.

Synertech takes its place as part of the Sigfox Partner Network

Synertech RFID News| Nov 4, 2020

Synertech have integrated the Sigfox communications capability into our Traxsense platform, which greatly expands our track and trace capabilities on offer to clients. By making use of the wide range of specialist sensors that are certified to operate on the Sigfox network, we are well enabled to offer extensive IoT solutions.

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