Smart Storage

Synertech RFID Solutions enables the company to manufacture and supply the Synertech SmartStorage range of devices that provide a unique solution to the turnkey management of high-value assets and specialized inventory in a totally secure environment.

High-value items listed on a company’s asset register or specialized inventory held within an ERP or stock management system more often than not need to be subjected to extraordinary risk management measures to help ensure that they can be detected, located and authenticated on a continuous basis.

Issues that can compound the risks and increase complexity associated with legislative or statutory compliance and control standards:

  • Time-sensitive expiry dates for prescribed medicines
  • The maintenance of chain of custody audit trails for items such as weapons or controlled substances
  • Predictive stock replenishment cycles  and
  • The proactive maintenance of consignment stock including progressive usage billing.

Synertech SmartStorage solutions feature a wide range of fully RFID-enabled cabinets, shelving, cupboards and other storage-related enclosures and containers that are specifically adapted from off-the-shelf commercial products such as steel cabinets, warehouse shelving and office filing cupboards, or purpose-built devices or enclosures designed to accommodate various asset objects or stock items.

Smart Storage solutions, in common with all Synertech RFID-based management systems, are purpose-built to take into account the client’s specific requirements.

Key Features at a Glance

   Live monitoring via Dashboards


   Alerts and notifications

   System management and

   System integration

Key Business Benefits

Synertech's Smart Storage solution offeres the following measurable business benefits:

  • Improved tracking
  • Increased security
  • Enhanced compliance and risk management
  • Unrestricted access to data
  • High level of customisation

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