Medical Waste Management

Due to its nature and the severe consequences leading from lack of control, the Medical Waste industry is highly regulated and calls for accurate data on process conformance.  Businesses need to be able to show the trail up until destruction of the material in near real time and keep historical documented proof.

Synertech assists organisations with Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) tracking and tracing technology that augments sound engineering controls.

As a subset of Synertech's Hazardous Waste Management, the solution interfaces with the organisation's Medical and Bio-Medical Waste collection scheduling and invoicing system(s) in order to provide a comprehensive tracking automation for the organisation’s legal obligations to demonstrate automated records for the collection, weighing, transport, storage, and disposal of Medical and Bio-Medical Waste.

Through Synertech’s Traxsense software platform and a variety of hardware options, the Medical Waste disposal lifespan is automatically tracked with real-time visibility. By tagging the waste container with RFID labels, providing each transport vessel with its own unique identifier, complete cradle to grave traceability becomes reality. The use of this technology helps to ensure compliance with local legislation as well as the standards set out by ISO 14001 with specific regard to the management of the storage, labelling, transportation, and records keeping of medical waste material ensures accountability whilst reducing paper usage. 

The RFID based solutions that Synertech provide are more than just a hardware or software system. They are engineered on a set of components, specifically selected on pre-defined criteria. As a base, all system components are taken into consideration to adhere to both local and international standards.


Key Features at a Glance

Through Synertech’s Traxsense software platform and a variety of hardware options, the Medical Waste destruction lifespan is automatically tracked with real-time visibility. Key features include:

software development In-house software development and manufacturing ensures configuration for any client’s unique requirements.

Real-time process visibility leading to analytics for Business Intelligence.

  Multiple AIDC devices and IOT sensors feeding data into the system for rich data.

   Alerts and notifications.

  Web based platform provides access from anywhere to virtually unlimited users.

  Integration with existing systems.

Key Business Benefits

Synertech's Medical Waste Management solution offers the following measurable business benefits:

  • Real time & automated data reporting
  • Live Dashboards providing a quick accurate overview for
  • Effective management of medical waste products
  • Live exception reporting and alerts when process deviation occurs
  • Improved process control
  • Increased data accuracy through automation, minimising human error
  • Compliance control traceability, visibility and accountability 
  • Paper reduction
  • Optimization of human capital and fleet resources RFID infrastructure for asset management enables the organisation to build and implement many other different applications that will reduce cost and increase efficiencies at an accelerated rate of return on investment.

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