Synertech’s Traxsense software platform brings to life innovative, automated monitoring and tracking solutions by providing clients with dashboards and analytics to easily track all assets and to monitor business performance indicators. Smart sensor enabled assets are transformed into intelligent data sources. These smart assets are connected in real-time which provides organisations with controllable and auditable IOT information. Traxsense not only provides for immediate management decisions, it also harnesses the power of data analytics for business optimisation.

Key Features at a Glance

All Synertech asset tracking and management systems are purpose built to take into account the client’s specific requirements. Key features include:

software development A full featured modern web based integrated asset management solution

industry standards Full auditing and accountability capabilities

system management  Full asset life-cycle management

reporting  Web based document management and live reporting

specialised tags  Supports both barcoding and RFID (UHF)

Key Business Benefits

Synertech's Traxsense solution offers the following measurable business benefits:

  • Live monitoring via dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Alerts and notifications
  • System management
  • System integration
  • Integrated rules engine


Business Benefits

Business Benefits