Field Service Management

Synertech RFID Solutions is complemented by a professional services ability to provide a complete range of field services and technical support.

Due to the relatively high cost of a RFID solution as well as the complexity of the technology involved, Synertech inherently provides a field service capability as one of the most important solution aspects to ensure that the client receives the maximum return on investment.

 The field service offering combines the following elements in order to deliver a cost effective, efficient and supportable RFID solution to the client.

  • RFID Consulting;
  • Site Surveys;
  • Site Demonstrations;
  • Proof of Concept/Pilot Installation;
  • Manufacturing Support;
  • Installation Service;
  • Solution Commissioning;
  • Training; and
  • Support.

Key Features at a Glance

The following are key features of Synertech’s ability to provide field service support to the client:

retrieval Most cost-effective solution available

communications The installed system is fully understood and experience is vested in the company.

system integration Installation and commissioning are provided.

reporting Classroom or on-the –job training or a combination of both.

live monitoring Expert advice on call under a support agreement.

software development Latest technology offering.

specialised tags Synertech offers hardware from a number of suppliers.

system management System support analysis and needs definition.

alerts System health monitoring.

security Spares holding.

software development Rapid site support offices.

industry standards Engineering support.

Key Business Benefits

  • The most substantial benefit of Synertech’s ability to provide this comprehensive field service and technical support, is the ability to deliver a working solution from the onset of the engagement.  
  • There is no risk that additional costs are incurred to try and integrate hardware and systems that were not completely compatible from the outset.