Intelligent Asset Management

Synertech RFID Solutions offers asset tracking and management applications that guarantee the delivery of unsurpassed business benefit.

Asset management is a critical issue and not only involves substantial capital investment in a comprehensive list of items that are regarded as non-negotiable tools of business success, but also imposes strictly-enforced and measurable corporate governance and risk management compliance requirements that are subject to specific reporting and auditing procedures.

Assets may include:

  • Office furniture (desks, chairs)
  • Laptops
  • High-value IT equipment and
  • Specialised tools
  • Priceless corporate art pieces

The key to effective and efficient management of an organization’s asset register lies in automation and the ability to objectively monitor in real time what assets exist, where each is located, how each item is associated to an individual, a group or department, and its movements.

Key Features at a Glance

All Synertech asset tracking and management systems are purpose-built to take into account the client’s specific requirements. Key features include:

          Live monitoring via Dashboards


          Alerts and notifications

          System management and

          System integration

Key Business Benefits

Synertech's asset management solution offers the following measurable business benefits:

• Improved tracking
• Increased security
• Enhanced compliance and risk management
• Unrestricted access to data
• Objective and reliable data
• High level of customization



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